Automatic Welding EquipmentSeam Welding Machine

Auto Longitudinal Seam Welder

This machine is specially designed to weld the straight seam of the cylinder, hot-water heater, drum, and square container. Back-up rod adopts water cooling method. Keyboard style pressure hold-down. Back-up rod can be changed as per requirement. Welded seam is flat and straight. Good weld penetration and weld quality.

Auto filler optional : Can work with plasma/TIG/CO2/submersible-arc welder.

Motor-driven ball screw drives welding gun to move forward along linear slide-way, presenting a neat welding run. Arc-signal monitoring, incrementally adjustable, and fast returning to preset position.

Applications: Stainless-steel submersible motors, solar-power generators, electric water-heater storages, auto shock absorbers, inner cylinders for drinking-water dispensers, auto/motorcycle fuel tanks, wheels, exhausts, air-conditioning duct, thermo-bottles, filter screens, kitchen counters, stainless-steel trash bins, bleaching & dyeing vats, motor casings, and gas cylinders.

Capabilities/Equipment Instructions
  • Traveling track way : Driving member consists of linear slide way and ball bearing worm. Smooth travel no jerk. High efficient transmission.
  • Circular Back-up Rod : In using of water cooling method for water circulation system. Good cooling effect results in good weld joint quality.
  • Back-up copper : The design is subject to change based on the contour, sheet metal thickness, welding method of the work piece.
  • Pressure Hold-down : The keyboard style pressure hold-down in using of the air bag results in uniform pressure distribution. The weld joint is flat and even.
  • Center Pin : To use center pin cylinder operation to center location the work piece. Easy operation and precise orientation.
  • Work-piece pre-spots welding: To pre-weld the front guide arc board and the tail board. A straight line can be placed on the front guide arc board and the tail board in order to align the center line.
  • Work piece location board: location board to fix the length of the work piece is done by manual. Location is adjustable as per the length of the work piece.
  • Tail fastener : In using of pneumatic fastener.
  • Up/down location of the welding gun: By up/down travel of the cylinder. Travel: 50mm.
  • The position/angle adjustment of the welding gun: The position of the welding gun is adjustable to X/Y direction. Adjustable weld angle. S=50x50mm
  • Operator : Stand up when working to maintain efficiency.
  • Easy operation. Just adjust the weld length, weld condition,. and weld gun position to produce stable and good quality product.
  • Control method : Electric control: In using of PLC electric control system. It is a easy system for operating and upkeep.

ModelWorking LengthWorking DiameterWorkpiece ThicknessInput Air supplyInput Power VTransmission Power W
SL-30030040~8000.3~0.65kg/cm²110~440V 50/60Hz65
SL-60060060~8000.4~0.65kg/cm²110~440V 50/60Hz65
SL-1000100080~8000.6~0.85kg/cm²110~440V 50/60Hz65
SL-13001300100~10000.8~1.05kg/cm²220~440V 50/60Hz65
SL-16001600150~10001.0~1.25kg/cm²220~440V 50/60Hz65
SL-20002000200~15002.0~3.05kg/cm²220~440V 50/60Hz90
SL-30003000300~20003.0~4.05kg/cm²220~440V 50/60Hz180
SL-40004000500~30004.0~6.05kg/cm²220~440V 50/60Hz180

Acceptable special customized equipment.

Welding Applications

Machine Sensing Component

  2. Torch forward/revers limit point sensing device, before and after each one.
  3. SENSOR Model:QL-1805NA
  1. Laser Marking Device
  2. Used laser line hit a straight line for work-piece positioning and correction etc...
  3. Laser Marking Device Model : KML-2505
  1. Rotary Encoder
  2. Calculated torch displacement distance.
  3. Rotary Encoder Model : TRD-S1000B
  2. Make sure torch actuation indeed.
  3. SENSOR Model : OL-1805NA
  2. Make sure position plate actuation indeed.
  3. SENSOR Model : D-J79
  1. Enter Pressure Electromagnetic Valve
  2. A Pressure Filter Impurities
  3. B Regulator pressure adjustment
  4. C Lubricator gas lubricated
  5. D Solenoid Valve Gas
  6. E Solenoid Valve Left/Right Pressure Plate
  7. F Solenoid Valve Position Plate
  8. G Solenoid Valve Torch UP/DOWN