Automatic Welding EquipmentAutomatic Location Turning Table

Welding Positioner Rotary Table

Through the design of the center bore on the shaft of the turn table in this series, the installation of the air hose or pneumatic material discharging device is optional. This has the merits of high rigid and fast heat dissipation.

Automatic Positioning Turntable, Servo Motor

Angle: Manual/electric adjustment from 0 to 90 degrees.
Center hole: diameter 30mm~100mm, Load: 100kg.200kg 300kg 500kg 1000kg
The servo motor is driven by a reducer, and can be replaced with different speed ranges.
Control: PLC HMI Controller 7" 10" Color Screen, Voltage: 110V /220V 50/60Hz.


1. Manual/Automatic/Forward/Reverse/Overlap Time/Welding/Test/Power switch/Rotation speed regulation.
2. Foot switch start.
3. Grounding system, composed of high-precision carbon brushes and copper alloys, efficiency: 50A~350A.
No carbon brushes - gun gold copper.


Three-jaw chuck 6" 8" 10" 12".
Customized Requirements Special Specifications Perforation Ready to Blow, Welding TIG welding Electron cutting Laser measurement Spraying Demonstration.

Automatic Welding Positioning Turntable Turntable Rotary Table Positioner Positioner Positioning Flip Table Indexing.

Turning Positioners

To fix the angle of the turn table by adjustable hand lever mounted on base wall or by worm shaft adjustment. Adjustable range: 0~90°.

Turn table is standardization and easy assembly constructed, It applies single step speed reduction. Revolution is adjustable per requirement. Grounding high carbon brush can be installed for welding function. Grounding efficiency : 50A~500A, Duty cycle : 40%

Mini Desktop type
Mini Desktop type
500Kg Electric angle adjustment
100/200Kg standard type Welding Positioner
360° Pneumatic chuck
High speed 200rpm
Ø 50~150mm Center Hole, Large Diameter
Large Pore type
HMI Servomotor Controlled
Load Horizontal 1000kg
Three-Jaw Chuck Hand Wire Control Box
Rotary table with Three-Jaw Chuck
500Kg Turbine manual adjustment
Angle 0~90° Manually adjustable
0~90° Square turntable
200kg 0° Horizontal type rotary table
Horizontal 0° Fixed type
2000kg 90° Vertical type rotary table

ModelHorizontal Load 0°Vertical Load 90°Speed (rpm)Disc SizeCenter BoreAngle AdjustmentControl Box
PRT-200200kg60kg0.6~61~15Ø310mmØ38mmWall LockTime Device
PRT-300300kg120kg0.6~61~15Ø310mmØ38mmManually Worm-GearTime Device
PRT-500500kg280kg0.2~2Ø500mmØ55mmManually/Electrical Worm-GearOrigin Location
PRT-10001000kg560kg0.05~1Ø800mm-Electrical AdjustmentOrigin Location
PRT-15001500kg750kg0.03~0.3Ø1000mm-Electrical AdjustmentOrigin Location
PRT-20002000kg1000kg0.03~0.3Ø1200mm-Electrical AdjustmentOrigin Location

Acceptable special customized equipment.

Composite Application

Self-assembled Vertical / Horizontal automatic positioning rotary table Lu extrusion type
Welding gun bracket - manual cross adjustment seat Y-Z. Optional: Three-jaw chuck 6" 8" 10" 12"

Workpiece Calibration Turning Positioners
Configured mounts Turning Positioners
Vertical type Positioning Rotary Table
Cylinder Welding Process Rotary Table
Configured mounts Turning Positioners
Vertical / Horizontal dual type
Vertical / Horizontal dual type
Vertical / Horizontal dual type