Automatic Welding EquipmentVertical Circumference of Automatic Welding Machines

Circumference Welding Machinery

  • This machine can be used with ion, TIG, CO2, latent welding machine.
  • NQC line rail the cylinder driven mold holder take the linear slide down, center better.
  • The NQE, and NQF torch rotary type, used in some parts cannot rotate.
  • The machine has a lead solitary signal monitoring, and function, step less speed control.
  • This type of machine is designed for welding circular workpiece. Used in the machine cylinder, fixtures and turntable motor, the machine not only can make prompt position to the workpiece can reach 360 degree turn.
  • A wide range of welding diameter: Suitable for 25 to 300mm workpiece.
  • Top/bottom of the moving cylinder, it can be repaired the cylinder welding gun, fixtures and accessories, mobile and accurate location quickly. The movement route of the cylinder is up to 150mm.
  • Welding speed of the welding turntable drive DC motor, regulation and stability. Sub-angled form 0 to 360 degrees. Overlap welding time is adjustable. Adjust the torch welding gun can make up / down, left / right, forward / backward adjustment.
  • The work method-MIG/TIG/PLASMA welding are all acceptable. It depends on what kind of material. Stand up and mode of operation, improve work efficiency.
  • Control : PLC controllers. Easy-to-use and repair.
  • Control method : Electrical control In use of PLC electrical control for easy operation and upkeep.
  • Optional automatic packing equipment.
CO2 Rotary Welding Table
Swivel gun automatic welding
Six Parts Rotating Argon welding
Double Station Circumference welding
Double gun Circumference welding
Spot welding copper melting point materials. Adaptive YP-300UE1T00

ModelVC-300 ~ VC-1000
Working Length300mm ~ 1000mm
Working Diameter10mm ~ 1500mm
Input Power110V/220V/380V/440V 50/60Hz
Input Air supply5kg/cm²

Acceptable special customized equipment.

Vertical Swivel Gun Automatic Welding Machine

Welding Applications